Top Tips and Advice for Reputation Management

Managing your online reputation does not need to take much time and cost you an arm and a leg.

For business owners out there, here are top tips and advice for reputation management that you can apply by following these guidelines:

Pay Attention to Feedback

Some companies don’t pay attention to their customer’s feedback. Even when problems arise and they contact customer support, customers are still ignored.

In these situations, customers lose interest in the company and may leave bad reviews online.

These reviews can be read by other potential customers which may lead to lost sales.

Your company should not only pay attention to feedback but must respond accordingly.

Engage with Clients

There are different types of clients out there who can offer information on different habits, ideas, and opinions for improvement.

These precious feedback can tell you what’s working, what your business is doing wrong and what customers want.

Know your Audience

You need to learn whom you are marketing your product to so that you can use the right voice to speak to them.

Factors like tone, subject matter, language, and content should be tailor fit to get the maximum benefits from online marketing channels.

Your marketing efforts can go to waste if you target the wrong people. Know whom you are engaging with before you come up with an online reputation management strategy.

Take note that you may be dealing with a different type of customers on Facebook compared to other platforms.

Relying too much on push marketing can have grave consequences especially on social media platforms. You have to take the time to hear what your current customers are saying online.

Discover what they like about your brand, what improvements they want to see. Maybe you should improve the content on your website. You never know, the best ideas may come from unlikely sources. Online feedback can give you a ton of marketing ideas. You can use this to your advantage especially if your competition chooses to ignore feedback from their customers.

Some companies are set in their ways and don’t know how to adjust and engage with customers in the digital realm.

Your loyal customers are talking about your business because they are concerned about you. Show them that you are listening by taking the time to respond to their comments online.

Even if you don’t follow their suggestions, letting your customers know that you are paying attention can turn a critic into an avid fan.

Make use of online platforms to your advantage by engaging with customers, peers and even your competitors.

Be active in asking for feedback, suggestions and let others spread the information about your brand.

People are more likely to trust the opinions of fellow customers versus what they hear from your marketing efforts.

People are tired of push marketing being driven down their throats daily. They see them on TV, print media, billboards and online.

Engaging with consumers is the best way to get exposure and publicity compared to push marketing.

Deal with Issues Offline

If a situation arises where you have an angry customer, let them know that you will do whatever it takes to resolve the issue.

Give them the name and contact information of the person they can talk to discuss matters further.

Never make the mistake of making your discussions public in open forums. This prevents airing dirty linen which often comes out when settling disputes.

In these cases, it does not matter who is right or wrong. Customers often get the sympathy of fellow consumers while your brand is being vilified online.

The professional thing to do is not to argue back and forth in a public forum where everyone has access. This should be done behind closed doors and settled privately.

Don’t forget to thank your customers for their positive feedback. Commenting on positive feedback is as important as dealing with the negative comments.

Constant engagement with your fans will result in your brand always being talked about on social media platforms.

This spike in social media activity can boost your websites rankings in search engine results. Social media activity is now becoming a ranking signal which is good news for your SEO.

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